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We Have Added 20 More Servers To Our Cloud Mining Network
Due to constant and gradually increase in our crypto mining operations, We concluded the last meeting with the board of director to add more servers in order to boost and effectively handle our increasing cloud mining network.

Bitbonum Limited Always finds a way to optimize and improve in all aspects, this makes us to stand out from the rest. That is why we are leading company in bitcoin mining and trading.

Aug-5-2019 03:01:21 PM

Six Months Online And Still Paying To All Our Investors Without Any Delay
We want to use this opportunity to congratulate all our investors who have been part of our company from the very first day of lunching till this moment and those who joined when our credibility is confirmed.

Marking this achievement, We will give 5% direct bonus to all deposit through out this week.

Note: This bonus will end in 7 Days time of this publication and announcement.

Apr-17-2019 04:01:12 PM

We Have Stopped Using Hyip Monitoring Advertising Services
I want to inform every of our investors that we have stopped using monitoring services from Hyip monitors because they do not bring enough investors to compare to the amount we pay them on a daily basis.

We have resolved to use other paid advertising services which have proven to be good return on making our company to be know world wide.

Jan-1-2019 01:01:33 PM

We Have Added Our Video Presentation
Advancement and progress is the attribute of a company committed to success and achieving greatness, Bitbonum Limited is characterized by Advancement and Progress and that is why, we have kept on upgrading our services.

Today, we will like to officially announce the addition of Our Video Presentation. After a board meeting by the end of last week, we decided to add the video presentation.

If you see lapses in any area of our operation please report directly to [email protected] , We will take immediate effect in resolving the issue on next board meeting but if it is an issue that concerns your account, you can report to [email protected] or on the live chat.

Good Luck earning with Bitbonum Limited

Oct-29-2018 03:38:56 PM

We Changed Bitcoin Processing Company
We will like to officially inform our members that we have changed the company that processes our bitcoin transactions. After consideration by our Board of Management, We decided to move from coinpayments to direct wallet acceptance to enable more faster withdrawals and efficiency of our service.

If you have any question concerning this, you can contact our support team for more clarification. Remember in Bitbonum Limited you Earn Guaranteed Profit.

Oct-26-2018 08:36:58 AM

Live Chat Added
We will like to inform all our members that we have added live chat support on our website.

After a meeting conducted by the board in charge of Bitbonum Limited, We decided it is to our investors best interest to add live chat. So it will aid in providing fast support and solution to our investor's request.

In Bitbonum Limited, You Earn Guaranteed Profit hourly and daily.

Oct-21-2018 06:46:14 PM

We Have Lunched On Investment Monitors Today.
Our website has been lunched online today. We promised to make sure every investors dream is achieved through investment in our company. We are open to questions and assistance any time you have problem. We pay 5% referral commission and we also have a lucrative and flexible investment plans which suits members of class.

You can invite your friends using your affiliate link which is available on your dashboard. Once again welcome to Bitbonum Limited, where you Earn Guaranteed Profit.

Oct-17-2018 01:09:36 PM

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